Planetary Boundaries Fresco

Experience a 3-hour workshop to understand what makes our planet Earth habitable.

Climate, biodiversity, the water cycle, ocean acidification… There are so many environmental issues, it’s hard to get lost.

The Planetary Boundaries Collage offers participants a chance to take a step back. The workshop introduces you to the 9 planetary boundaries, mapping and linking the major ecological issues to consider the ecological question as a whole.

This workshop is organized by One Planet Friends. It will be facilitated by Marcus Williams, a trained facilitator who is volunteering for this event. A ticket price is requested to contribute to room costs, advertising and train tickets for facilitators coming from afar.

Datum, Zeit
15. Mai 2024
18:00–21:30 Uhr

WWF Schweiz, Hohlstrasse 110
8004 Zürich

Ticketpreise ab:
CHF 25.00 - normal price / CHF 15.00 - reduced price